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Website Design – we provide comprehensive project management for all stages of the process. This keeps the development on-time and on-budget.

What if I want different pages than what is included?

We give you five in the package. TBH, we don’t care what those five are, so if you want to call them Bread, Jam, Pickles, Harry, and Seven, have at it. Some folks do not know where to start, so we just came up with the five most common to get people started.

Will you install any plugins for me?

Not as part of the $999 Website Design package. We do, however, offer a WordPress Maintenance package! With that package, we source, install, configure, and test new plugins for you.

Do you offer custom development?

We do offer custom development as a supplement to our ongoing care plans. If you have a larger project that requires custom work and is outside the scope of our care plans, we’re happy to do it as an addition to our ongoing maintenance of your website. If you are interested in more information, submit a support …

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Chris Kiklas

Chris Kiklas

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