The Problem

You want a website that converts into business, that drives traffic, sells products, illustrates your expertise, and gets people through the door. You’ve been Googling and have gotten crazy quotes for website design and yet have no idea what a good website should really cost…or what a “good website” even means.

You may have even tried to do it yourself, but with the speed at which technology changes, all the help you have found online was outdated. And really, you need to spend time running your business, not building your website.

Our Solution

We get it. The world of Website Development can become complicated quickly – but it really shouldn’t be. We’ve helped companies just like yours build websites with messaging and designs that build their brands and convert visitors into paying customers

Our solutions start at $999

web development

Choose from any of our premium responsive layouts!

marketing process

We simplify the web development process

  • Design Requirements
  • Design & Development
  • Testing
  • Launch!

Our development promise to you

You will have a website that has the look and functionalities you want

The quote we give you is the quote we charge

Our support team will work with you to test and launch your site quickly and easily

We will both be proud of the end result!

Buy Our Small Business Website Design Package!

What are you waiting for? Take the next step today and establish your online presence
with a new, modern, richly designed website! 

Package includes the 5 pages below:

Home  •  About  •  Contact Us  •  Blog List  •  Individual Blog Post

Wait, do you need eCommerce built in?

If you need a full eCommerce solution, we can help with that, too! 

Package includes 5 pages PLUS eCommerce!

Home  •  About  •  Contact Us  •  Blog List  •  Individual Blog Post  • Full Shopping Cart Functionality

What Our Clients Say

We’ve seen companies “go at it alone” and end up with websites that are: outdated, poorly formatted, or even hijacked – and marketing plans based on old best practices. OMC’s services are designed to address these issues once and for all!

Your new website is a click away. Buy our small business website design package today!


For more detailed projects, give a call and let’s discuss.


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