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Why can’t I put a link on my IG comment?

At this moment in social media history, Instagram does not support links in comments, and doing so can actually appear less professional. There is an alternative! The link in your bio can be changed, with a short caption that explains to “Tap the link in bio to learn more/shop etc”.

Why do I have inappropriate accounts following me on IG?

We sincerely apologize for this! Although we optimize your targets for your specific business, some spam will leak through unfortunately. We cannot mitigate this risk completely, but we can take action to reduce it’s occurrence. We recommend always unfollowing and blocking/reporting these accounts as they come up.

What is a hashtag and what does it do?

Hashtags will help people interested in your industry, specific topic, location or business find you on social! And they aren’t just limited to Twitter anymore- Hashtags are used on all platforms that we offer. You may use up to 30 hashtags per post on Instagram, and we recommend 3-5 on all other platforms.

What is a link?

A link is a shortened link that comes from a third party posting app. Believe it or not, a shortened link actually helps your engagement! Also, some channels have limits on how many words or characters you can use, link shorteners help us free up space for more content, as the link is taking …

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Why do my posts say “Posted by Cloud Campaign”?

Cloud Campaign is the 3rd party app that we use to post to all of your social platforms. In certain cases, your posts may say “Posted by Cloud Campaign”, but this is only visible to users that are already admins of the company page. Your followers won’t see this!

Why am I not seeing any sales through my channels? Why am I not gaining customers?

Social media content creation is focused on building brand awareness. Potential clients need to know about your business before you make a sale. That’s where we come in. We educate your clients about your product/service/business, and establish a rapport with them. We want you to appear as an industry expert, so we share content related …

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Why are you only using stock photos or asking me for content?

Thanks for your feedback! It’s important to understand that social media marketing is incredibly multifaceted, and while we can do a lot for you, like daily content posting that helps boost search-ability, content curation and page optimization, this system works best when business owners contribute some of their specific expertise as well.We have plenty of …

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