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5 Free Webinars to Help Your Business Grow in 2022

This “On-Demand” webinar series was created to Share Best Practices for putting your Best Foot Forward Online in 2022.

There are Five Sessions you can view in whatever order you like at your convenience…or just pick & choose the session(s) most applicable to your business.

All sessions are designed to provide actionable tips & ideas you can quickly implement in your business today to improve your online presence and grow your business.

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Session #1: Understanding the New Path to Purchase

Learn how consumer search & shopping habits have changed and how you can take advantage of their new hybrid path to purchase.

Session #2: Establishing a Strong Digital Foundation

We look at the fundamental needs all business Owners need to pay attention to get their fair share of New Business in 2022

Session #3: Digital Storytelling in 2022

Are you ready to educate & entertain your customers via platforms like Social Media, Video & Podcasting? Be the Go-to Expert in you field!

Session #4: Target Marketing to Get New Customers

We look at a variety of precision digital targeting techniques to reach & convert Best Prospects actively looking for your business

Session #5: The Fully Funded Growth Opportunity

We share a variety of ways we can help you uncover free $ that can “fully fund” up to a full year of marketing at no extra cost to your business!

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Chris Kiklas

Chris Kiklas

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